We believe that to make high-quality chocolate, you must take an interest in the entire industry – from the farmes who grow the cacao to the customers who love our chocolate.

The Shuar
We have a strong relationship with the indigenous tribe of the Shuar in Ecuador. Their rainforest is full of rare, pure cacao trees. We educate these cocoa farmers on how to harvest the product to increase their income. In turn, we can control the cacao from planting to processing and product of the final product. By purchasing our chocolate, you’ll not only receive a delicious product, but you’ll aslo be direclty supporting these cocoa farmers.

For many children in Colombian Necoclie finding food is more important than going to school. Children walk an hour and a half through the rainforest to get to school. Now imagine making the trek with an empty stomach. We invest in these children’s education and well being by providing each student a free breakfast. Kids now have a full stomach, the motivation to study and a change for a better life.

Granja Luker
For us, making chocolate means understanding and participating at each stage of cocoa bean processing. We work with Granja Luker, a research and training center of Fino de Aroma cacao, created with the objective to promote sustainable cocoa harvesting practices in the country among small producers. The harvesting and post-harvesting training program guarantee the farmer’s income. Their cocoa models ensure and increase the income of the farmer and have an impact on their family life. Farmers can now remain in their ancestral lands and provide for their families instead of having to seek employment abroad.

Casa Luker
Established in 1906, Casa Luker has helped shape Colombia’s reputation. Colombia is able to showcase its natural resources by producing high-quality cocoa. Casa Luker establishes new cocoa plantations and grows fine flavor Fino de Aroma cacao beans which are known for their exquisite fruit and floral aromas and flavor and nutty malt notes. Fino de Aroma cacao represents only 8% of the world’s cocoa production. Casa Luker is a member of the International Cocoa Organization and believes in maintaing a direct connection with the cacao farmers and the environment. Which includes sharing opportunities, technology and the knowledge behind growing cocoa. Casa Lukers obtains HACCP, ISO 9001, Kosher and BASC certifications.