Select Fino de Aroma chocolate is studded with freeze-dried fruits, delicate sugared flowers or mint leaves.


Featured in Oprah's Favorite Things in the February 2019 Valentine issue of O, the Oprah Magazine. South American Fino de Aroma cacao is paired with freeze dried fruits carefully sourced from sustainable Slovak farmers.


Our award winning Dragée achieved what others said could not be done. We bring Piedmont almonds, Sicilian hazelnuts, cacao beans or dried Peruvian gooseberries to life by the gradual coating of gianduja, Fino de Aroma milk or dark chocolate, or salty caramel.

Chocolate Bars

Award Winning tree-to-bar Fino de Aroma chocolate made from Trinitario and Criollo varieties which offer a combination of fruit and floral aroma and flavor, followed by nutty malt notes.

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We believe to make high quality chocolate you must take an interest in the entire industry – from the farmers who grow the cacao to the customers who love our chocolate.

We have strong relationships with the Shuar tribes of Ecuador, the Neccoli tribes of Colombia and Casa Luker, to bring you pure and sustainable Fino de Aroma cacao. Only 8% of the world’s cocoa qualifies for this distinction. 

We educate the cacao farmers on how to harvest the product to increase their income. Their beans are shipped to our manufacturing facility in Slovakia where we complete the process, adding only the finest ingredients such as coconut blossom sugar, cane sugar, fruits and nuts from around the world.

By purchasing our chocolate, you’ll not only receive a delicious product, but you’ll also be directly supporting the cacao farmers.

Delicious, responsible and sustainable – the perfect combination.

Award Winning Chocolate